ludhiana police (2)Ludhiana: Punjab police recovered cache of arms and explosive from a canal. The weapons and explosives were bundled in a plastic bag. A diver has informed the police that he found explosives and weapons bundled in a sack as he dived in the canal.
The police found 10 rocket launchers, an IED (bomb), an AK-47 and two other rifles, besides carbines, six magazines, and a country-made bomb and one shotgun from the pack. The recovery of a carbine, bearing the marking of SSP (Division-6), has raised eyebrows of the police department.
The weapons allegedly belong to Khalistan Commando Force (KCF). Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (III) Satvir Atwal said some of explosives were still active. “The weapons, which have gathered rust, are suspected to have been dumped about five years ago, perhaps by terrorists or their sympathizers,” Atwal said. There is a sticker of religious slogan on one of the weapons, the officer said. The arms have been sent to a forensic lab in Chandigarh to find out the details about their origin and age.