Tripoli: Deadly clashes that started two weeks ago between secular militias of Zintan and Islamist militias in the Libyan city of Kikla have killed at least 142, a media report said Monday.

The clashes have killed at least 142 and injured 518 others, Xinhua quoted Ahmad Zein, a doctor at the Field Hospital, as saying on a local radio. He added that the hospital was suffering from a shortage of medical staff, equipment and medicines, and was not able to get the supplies as a result of the 13-day siege of the city.

The city of Kikla is witnessing armed clashes that started two weeks ago between Islamist forces of Libya Dawn and secular-backed militias of Zintan. After weeks-long fierce fighting, Islamist militias took control of the capital Tripoli in August, which had been dominated by the militias of Zintan since the fall of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

Libya has suffered poor security conditions as many armed rival factions are fighting for domination amid political unrest and division.