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VANCOUVER: Two British Columbia men have died after an SUV crashed into their golf cart at a mobile home park in Thousand Palms, Calif.

Jenny Karran said from Kelowna, B.C., that her 77-year-old husband Neil Karran and his 76-year-old friend Ron Little were killed instantly on Wednesday, along with Little’s two dogs.

Karran said her husband left for California on Saturday to help his friend fix up a vacation home before it could be sold.

“It’s the first time he’s been down there so he was looking forward to it,” she said. “He was in good health and watched what he ate, to no avail now.”

The couple’s two sons _ one in Calgary, and the other in Anahim Lake, B.C. _ are also trying to deal with their father’s sudden death, Karran said.

“They are in shock too because it’s just so surreal,” she said. “I don’t know how I feel right now.”

Another of the couple’s sons died in 2008.

California Highway Patrol did not identify the men in a news release, but said a 76-year-old man was driving a golf cart with a male passenger in front of a Mercedes SUV.

“The right front of the Mercedes struck the left rear of the golf cart, causing moderate damage to the Mercedes and major damage to the golf cart,” said Officer Mike Radford in the news release.

Radford said the occupants of the golf cart were ejected and pronounced dead at the scene. Two dogs that were in the golf cart also died, he said.

Radford said Angela Lavanty, 32, of Palm Desert, Calif., is being charged with two counts of DUI second-degree murder.

Karran said Little’s wife Carol left for California on Thursday morning after police delivered the news to her at midnight.

The Littles live in Lac La Hache, B.C., where police first went to speak with her about her husband’s death after getting the address from his driver’s licence.

When they couldn’t find her, police got the woman’s phone number from identification on one of their dead pets, Karran said.

“Carol had her name and number on it and that’s how they got a hold of her.”

The Littles live in California for several months every year, and Carol Little had been planning to join her husband before her emergency trip there, Karran added.

Karran wanted to go to California with her husband but didn’t get the chance.

“I had a flood in the basement and I had to stay home and get things done at this end, right? So it’s been one thing after another.”

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