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Election 2015 logoSteveston – Richmond East – It is described as the area south of Steveston Highway from Georgia Strait east to NO. 3 Road, north to Westminster Highway, east to NO. 4 Road and north to Highway 99 to the north arm of the Fraser River. The riding then runs eastward along the north arm to the east boundary of Richmond with New Westminster. The southern boundary is the main channel of the Fraser River.

The riding includes the historic Steveston village, much of the Pacific commercial fishing fleet in Steveston small boat harbour and the commercial centre at NO. 5 Road and Steveston Highway. It contains Highway 99 from the Oak Street Bridge to the Massey Tunnel, and the Highway 91 (east-west) connector. The riding is substantially rural with significant commercial and industrial properties and businesses along the north arm, and along the north shore of the main arm in the east part of the riding.


Richmond ridings have historically been right of centre. According to the 2011 census, the population is 96,600. Immigrants make up 58% of the residents, with 42.6% identified as Chinese. The neighbouring Richmond Centre to the west report 51% as Chinese.

As reported by Global News

The riding was created, in 2012 from parts of Richmond and Delta-Richmond East. Both ‘donor’ ridings were held by Conservatives for a number of prior elections. Information on Wikipedia, showed redistributed results of the 2011 federal election as; Conservative 53.92%, NDP 22.82%, Liberal 18.60%, and Green, 4.14%. In the previous election Conservative Kerry-Lynne Findlay held the seat formerly occupied by Reformer/conservative John Cummins.

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