2018-Dodge-Durango-SRT PIC 1By Asian Journal Auto Editor

First off let’s gets straight to the good stuff! The Dodge Durango SRT SUV offers a stonking 475 horsepower courtesy of a huge 6.4 liter V8. Dodge also claims performance numbers of 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h) in 4.4 seconds for the SRT Durango. Now that’s seriously quick, approaching luxury ultra- performance vehicle performance from the likes of Porsche and Mercedes that cost more than twice the Durango’s price! In fact Dodge claims the SRT as North America’s fastest seven-seater SUV!

It’s been a long wait for Dodge to give the Durango the full in-house performance workout regime from the engineers at the SRT. However, utility is not compromised. The full-size four-door Durango still offers three rows of seating, but has been massaged with the aforementioned 6.4-litre V-8, and a quick eight speed auto transmission. The exterior receives the SRT treatment with functional air scoops, ducts and vents in the hood and front valence. Nicely flared fenders are filled by 20-inch black-finished alloy wheels wrapped in fat Pirelli 295/45ZR20 tires. Stopping power is also uprated to cope with extra horsepower in the form of high performance Brembo brakes. An uprated suspension with Bilstein adaptive shocks round out the package.

2018 DODGE DURANGO SRT PIC 2Interior wise, there is an optional $3,250 SRT Interior Appearance Group comprising carbon-fibre details, suede trim, SRT badging and other bit and pieces. Buyer also gain a sports flat-bottom steering wheel with paddle shifters. There are comfortable, as standard Nappa leather seats with suede inserts and a very gorgeous red Laguna leather trim as an option. The roomy interior features, the standard second-row captain’s chairs and a two-person third-row bench. Although there is also the option of a three-person middle bench that deletes the third row bench seat.

Feature wise, the SRT comes equipped with all the power conveniences you could wish for. There is an 8.4 inch screen multi-function touch screen in the center dash that provides excellent connectivity and infotainment features. One neat trick is the ability to adjust the performance parameters of the SRT Durango via various SRT Drive Modes and Performance Pages programs. You can also monitor and measure your results and performance times with this feature. Autonomous driver-assist aid includes lane-departure warning, lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise and active emergency braking as option.

On the road, the Dodge Durango SRT offers blistering straight-line performance, the dramatic acceleration is accompanied by the roar of that huge V8 and the burbling performance exhaust. Standing starts are a hoot as the SRT just about aces anything at the lights. You can also tune and customize the performance parameters by choosing one of the seven Drive Modes. The remapped 8-speed automatic transmission delivers blazingly fast transitions and if it takes your fancy, you can use the paddle shifters for manual type gear changes. Traction and road holding is superb thanks the fat rubber, handling package and quick steering. The full-time all-wheel drive can send up to 70 per cent of drive rearward. Yes it is fast, but the SRT Durango is still a well-mannered comfortable cruiser in and around town. Fuel consumption is rated at (litres/100 km): 18.3 city/12.2 hwy. On an everyday level, despite the high performance, the SRT is eminently easy to drive and live with. It’s not highly strung despite the huge horsepower and torque, and with its ability to seat a full family in comfort, it’s a great ride. Downside are few. It’s not very subtle and so won’t fly under the radar. It’s loud and brash, but then again why should it be any less as an SRT model? For the power output and performance nothing can touch it. A must for muscle truck performance V8 fans who need space and utility.

2018 Dodge Durango SRT Price from $72,495 – $82,860 with options.