Raj Sihota

Newly released financial reports from Elections BC show British Columbians donated $3.7 million to John Horgan and the BC NDP in 2019, while they gave just $2.9 million to Andrew Wilkinson’s BC Liberals and $650,000 to the Green Party.

“These numbers make it clear that people think John Horgan is on the right track and is working to make their lives better,” said BC NDP Provincial Director Raj Sihota. “But John knows that there’s much more to do, and he’s going to keep working hard to address the challenges people face.”

In the final quarter of 2019, British Columbians gave $1.3 million to the BC NDP, $828,000 to the BC Liberals, and $207,000 to the Green Party. The BC NDP raised $652,000 from small donations under $250, while the BC Liberals raised only $293,000 in small donations in that time.

“Under Andrew Wilkinson’s leadership, the BC Liberals are still just working for their multimillionaire friends,” said Sihota. “He’s planning to give $3 billion in tax breaks to big corporations and the super-rich, making everyone else pay for it with service cuts or tax hikes. That’s not a risk British Columbians can afford to take, and that’s one reason so many people are chipping in to help John Horgan.”