Working from home always sounds like the ultimate goal. We visualise days spent working in pyjamas, dog at the feet, making a cup of tea whenever the urge strikes with nobody constantly looking over our shoulder.

While there are many perks to working from home (Netflix over lunchbreak anyone?), there are definitely some challenges to the remote work arrangement.

Bob Milliken

That said, here are 4 disasters waiting to trip you up;

Unlike a traditional workplace, working from home can be isolating. At the “office” there are never-ending complaints about colleagues and managers, people who overshare, people who don’t pull their weight, people who micromanage, …. When we finally get to work-from-home, the lack of colleagues is often a major perk. No more awkward small talk at the water cooler!

The reality is no colleagues also means no colleagues, and no face-to-face interaction. Who’s going to be your work-wife? Who are you going to complain to about the in-laws, knowing they’ll never have to meet them? And working through computer screens can be challenging.

My experience (20 years away from the “office”) tells me it will take time to optimise your productivity. Without a schedule dictating your day you may struggle before figuring out the routine best suited to your lifestyle and productivity objectives.

Some folks say working from home puts a cap on careers. Maybe yes, and maybe no. It’s possible to say “office” people are more likely to get development and advancement opportunities over remote workers, and I get that. I think it’s also true remote workers have many more career opportunities than their office colleagues. What do you think?

And finally – the ultimate siren – more free time. But not so quick here Timber Tom. Working from home sounds luxurious, and I agree. We think of the extra hours we gain when we dump the dreaded peak-time commute. In many cases however, people find themselves feeling more rushed and with less time than a structured day at work. Why? Work and home lines often become blurred with the unanticipated result of the two blending together rather than having clear separation.


The good news is, working for home doesn’t have to be a disaster. And if you do it right, it won’t cost you your job. In fact, quite the opposite is true. You’ll be able to give up the commute, avoid the slippery side of a snow burst, spend more time with your kids, have better control of your life and for some, a better life balance. I encourage you to give it some thought, and if you bite the bullet, I wish you every success!

Bob Milliken is a master marketer specializing in helping businesses achieve outrageous levels of success. Bob can be reached by phone at 604.270.1730 or by email at