SEO, SEO, SEO. Are you tired of hearing those words? And well you may be, but they are crucial to having a lead generating, high converting website.

Bob Milliken

We all know that web content is a great way to drive more traffic to your website. The combination of colourful images and captivating content is a sure-fire way to engage people once they’re on your site.

Getting their eyeballs to your website, however, is another thing altogether and takes a bit more consideration.

Use my four guidelines to develop your SEO content and dramatically boost your website traffic.

  1. Write For Your Audience

Always write your SEO content with your target audience in mind. There is a common tendency to focus on the technical side of SEO (keywords, tags, metadata) to the detriment of the purpose of the content. Avoid this trap and ensure all of your content is written specifically for your intended audience. The other technical aspects are important, but engaging, well written content is the foundation for strong SEO.

  1. Incorporate Relevant Keywords

SEO revolves around keywords. This is how the search engines do their job. Your content needs to be searchable and by definition must include relevant, popular keywords. Otherwise, no eyeballs. Conduct some research before developing your content. Identify common keyword searches for your service or product and incorporate these into your content. Avoid highly competitive keywords by using similar phrases (2-4 words) to help your site rank higher in searches.

  1. Use Visuals To Engage People

Visuals are a great way to engage an audience and convey a message. Use relevant images throughout your content to attract your audience and share important information. Be sure to complement your visuals with engaging, informative descriptors. These should include keywords as they can be used to boost search ranking, increase search engine visibility and drive website traffic.

  1. Use Social Media To Share Content

Use social media platforms to generate more traffic to your website by sharing content to a range of platforms. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are popular choices for businesses looking to reach a broad range of potential customers. Remember, this is a lead generating activity. Be sure to link every post back to your website or relevant landing page. You must also make sure that your posts are consistent and frequent.

Take Away

The best way to increase traffic is to implement a variety of SEO techniques. You can use my four guidelines as a starting point to enhance your SEO content and boost your website traffic.

If your website is collecting leads and converting them into hot prospects, congratulations. If not, give us a call. We are SEO lead generation experts who excel at delivering leads, customers and sales.

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