It’s a given. Santa is heavily into SEO. He knows that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to making sure that every Christmas wish is taken care of.
How so? By doing it right Santa has made sure that people can find him at any time throughout the year, not just Christmas time.

Clearly, if it works for Santa, it will work for you.

Has this piqued your curiosity? If so, then Santa would like to share with you 4 super simple hacks he uses that you can do yourself to skyrocket your SEO. It will be like having Christmas every

Hack #1 – Set Up Google Analytics
Santa has a good understanding of what’s working and what’s not working because he tracks what people are doing. You know – his list of who’s naughty and who’s nice. That’s precisely what Google Analytics does. And you can keep track too. Simply retrieve your Google Analytics code and ask your webmaster to put it on your website.
Hack #2 – Enable Google Search Console
Santa runs a tight sleigh. He is very conscious of the price of things and that why he uses Google’s Search Console in Google Analytics. This is a “no-cost service” that lets him learn a great deal of intelligence about his audience. You too can use it to start tracking basic metrics of your visitors such as how many visitors you have, what keywords they are using to find your website and the pages most visited. Priceless.

Hack #3 – Install a Chrome Browser SEO Extension
Santa has known for a long time that it is important that page titles, meta descriptions and H1, H2 and H3 tags are optimized to deliver the best results. That is why he recommends you use an free SEO extension, such as MOZBAR or AHREFS free TOOLBAR, to make sure these are being done correctly. These tool bars also give your site a speed rating, which is one factor Google and other search engines consider.

Hack #4 – Create An SEO Plan
Santa’s secret success factor is his strong SEO Plan. He uses keyword-rich content to drive high rankings and lots of traffic. For Santa, keywords come easy. Gifts after all tend to speak for themselves. Getting keywords together for the rest of us may not be quite so easy. A simple place to start would be to research your completion then differentiate yourself with similar (but different) keywords.

Take Away
Is this all Santa does to get his SEO engine into top gear?
Well, no, it’s rocket science after all! And there are 100’s of books written on the subject.
To simplify the rocket science, Santa has shown you some fast and easy things you can do yourself to improve your website search engine ranking without getting lost in the labyrinth of SEO.
To your success.

Aradhna and I and the team at Avenues 2 Success wish you and your family a tremendous, smashing, fantastic, fabulous holiday!