Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken

Continuing my series on Facebook marketing, here are some tips about what to avoid when creating Facebook Ads.

Let’s all agree, advertising on Facebook makes it easy to find the right people, capture their attention, get results, and do it on any budget. And that is the lure

Trial and error are just part of life, but if you own your own business, mistakes can cost you money and—more importantly—time. Make sure your business is not falling victim to these 5 very common simple mistakes with Facebook advertising.

Not Doing Your Homework

Facebook has a broad audience of several million users, so throwing your ad up into the wind can become a costly and useless proposition. Think about your target demographic and the things they like and engage with. Utilize the audience insights tool on your page to get detailed information about your market.

Going Too Big

In this case, if you go big, you might also have to go home (with no success). Facebook just has too many users, so it’s crucial that you avoid following mistake #1 with mistake #2: biting off more than you can chew. Do your research, and target people who will be likely to engage with your business or use the services you’re offering.

Being Scatterbrained

You need to test your ads to see what works and what doesn’t, but you also need to isolate your variables, otherwise you will get totally lost. Test out one thing at a time to see what works and then throw the most successful elements together in one ad (best title, best picture, and best copy). Once you’ve done that, you can take the same ad and try running it in different places (the right side, the feed, mobile, etc.).

Not Squeezing All the Pennies From Every Dollar

Make the most of your Facebook ads. Let’s face it: not everyone who clicks on an ad and goes to your site will make a purchase, so do what you can to minimize that problem. Collect emails for a weekly newsletter. Engage with users who leave comments on your ad by responding. Invite reactors to like your business page. Set up automated emails to respond to abandoned carts in your store. Target ads toward previous visitors to your website.

Making Poor Ads

Don’t create ads that look like the rest of the pack. Your ads need to have excellent, eye-catching imagery, and compelling copy that gets people to click on to your site. Utilize human models to showcase products or show high quality imagery.

Your Takeaway

Get creative and engaging with the copy, and avoid being blatantly salesy or self-promotional. If you can’t do it yourself, call us and we’ll help you to unlock your Facebook Ads potential.

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