By Bob Milliken

Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken

Did you know that Windows 10 arrives on July 29th,… and it’s going to be free! I have been anxiously waiting for this version of Windows and am quite excited about the OS for its new features, and of course the free price tag.
The best kept secret is that millions of people are already using Window 10 and have been for about a year. These are the brave souls were the early testers of the system so that when you get it, all of the bugs will have been worked out (at least that’s the plan).
There are lots of appealing new features in Windows 10 and unless you’ve been reading the articles, you might have missed a few.
Want the skinny? Here are 5 things to know about this latest version of Windows;
window 101. Free OS upgrade to Windows 10
The big news is that the upgrade to Windows 10 will be free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users (except for those with Windows Enterprise Edition) for one year after the launch date (July 29th, 2016).
2. The Return Of The Start Button
The one thing that everyone disliked about Windows 8, it was the removal of the start button. Its return has been much anticipated and I, for one, am looking forward to having it back.
4. Universal OS and apps + doc syncing
Microsoft “promises” that Windows 10 will be the same OS across PCs, supported tablets, and smartphones. This should produce a consistent, seamless experience to users no matter where they are or what Windows 10 device they’re using. That’s a big promise but it could be amazing.
5. Facial, biometric, and voice recognition
Microsoft has stated that they are on a “journey to eliminate the use of single factor identity options like passwords. One big part of this strategy is Microsoft Hello, which can recognize your face, iris, or fingerprint as an authentication factor. Windows 10 can also recognize your voice through Microsoft Cortana, a personal assistant that can do things like answer questions, set reminders and appointments, and take notes.
6. New Web browser – Microsoft Edge
After many years with Internet Explorer (the first release came out in 1995), Microsoft will launch with a brand new default web browser called Edge with Windows 10. Look for better adherence to HTML standards, faster page load times, support for 3rd party extensions and the ability to write shareable notes on top of web pages.
These are 5 (of many) compelling reasons to upgrade to Windows 10. However, smart business owners will want to be sure that all of their application systems work in the Windows 10 world before proceeding with the upgrade.
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