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The Summer Cruise Season is just around the corner. Spring is here, so it is now a perfect time to plan your Family Cruise Vacation for this season. Here is some information from a professional on how to plan a cruise get-away that will be memorable for everyone.

First thing … where to go cruising? The most popular cruise destinations for the upcoming season are: Alaska, Europe, and Asia including Japan. In the Northern Hemisphere it will be summer time, and a perfect opportunity to cruise into any port north of the equator. Another type growing in popularity is River Cruising. Any major river in the world has a cruise sailing on it. Think about Europe, Vietnam, and China. How about cruising up the Amazon, the Nile, and even the Mississippi!
The individual cruise itinerary is also very important. These are changing a bit each season, so have a look at the ports visited along the way. And, how many days will you be in port and then sailing at sea. Each port visit will also have a collection of excursions you can take to make the most of your time there.
Next, choose a cruise line and cabin! Each cruise line has their “character”, and it pays to have a look at what each offers and pick one that suits you and the purpose of your holiday. You can choose from Mega, Large, Mid-size, and Small Ship cruise lines. Every cruise line and ship will have a different selection of activities and dining offered. Do a little web-surfing and then ask your Cruise Professional for recommendations.
Most ships are going to offer: Suites, Verandah Cabins, Ocean-View Cabins, and Inside Cabins. I recommend at least a Verandah Cabin. If you are on a budget, the Ocean-View cabins are about the same size except no private balcony. And, if on an extreme budget then an Inside Cabin will do.
If traveling a distance away for your cruise, plan a hotel stay before and after your cruise. You can explore the region of your arrival and departure. Including an additional land tour with your cruise adds tremendous value to your whole experience. You will have a relaxing stay after your flight so you start your cruise refreshed and ready to enjoy it to the max. Why not make the most of your get-away?
Cruise and Travel is all about experiences! So everything you choose will affect the collection of experiences you will have on your vacation. A private balcony cabin will allow for experiences you won’t have in an ocean-view nor in an inside cabin. This is why the choice of destination, itinerary, cruise line, cruise ship, and cabin are important when planning your cruise.
Plan early! There is never a good reason to put off planning and booking your cruise vacation. The cruise lines are all very aggressive with their marketing and there are excellent promotions early in the season. By booking early you have more choice of everything associated with the vacation, including cabins, dining, excursions, and flights. You don’t want to be disappointed, so book early!
Out of interest, there are some ships that are new to our Alaska cruises on our coast. The Celebrity Solstice with Celebrity Cruises, and the Crown Princess with Princess Cruises are a couple of notables. And don’t forget the Disney Cruise Line is still doing Alaska this season, so that brings the Disney experience very close to home!
The best advice is to consult your Cruise & Travel Professional who can help you sort through all the choices to create the perfect cruise vacation for you and the whole family! Now you are ready! All you now have to do is enjoy the experience and get ready for life-long memories!
More about cruise & travel to come in future articles. Til then, keep cruisin’! – Gary Gallant

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