Police in the Fraser Valley are crediting Project Valley Sweep for a decline in property crime over the summer.  This joint effort involved seven dedicated officers from Abbotsford Police Department, Chilliwack and Mission RCMP.

The project, conducted from May 1 to July 30, resulted in police making contact with 582 individuals.  These contacts were made during street, vehicle, and curfew compliance checks, which led to 94 arrests and 54 individuals facing a total of 91 criminal and drug related charges ranging from the breach of court ordered conditions to possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.  On one occasion an offender was caught breaching a court ordered curfew, when the person left their residence after a curfew check, not realizing officers would return to complete a second check.

Project Valley Sweep was created by the Abbotsford Police Department, Chilliwack and Mission RCMP in response to an increase in property crime throughout the region.  The three-month project aimed to reduce theft of autos, theft from autos and break and enters by focusing enforcement actions on repeat and chronic offenders.

Recognizing that drug and alcohol addictions often lead individuals to commit property crimes, included in the Project Valley Sweep was a mandate to offer those wanting help access to resources that would assist them in addressing addiction issues.  There were 33 offers of outreach programs to those caught up in the sweep.

The Abbotsford Police Depaproject-valley-sweeprtment, Chilliwack RCMP and Mission RCMP are pleased to report that the project has led to a two percent reduction in over all property crime and a nine percent reduction in the targeted crimes of interest – theft of auto, theft from auto, and break and enters – between April 5th and June 24th.

Police agencies from the three communities are currently analyzing all of the information gathered during the Project Valley Sweep and looking at the feasibility of further combined enforcement initiatives.

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