Call for province-wide vote catches steam 

Kitimat: Following Kitimat victory, Dogwood initiative has launched campaign to build
support for their ‘no’ to Northern Gateway pipeline project. Despite spending unlimited money on advertising and flying in canvassers from Calgary, Enbridge’s crude oil pipeline and tanker proposal has been handed a resounding electoral defeat by the people of Kitimat.
“This shows what happens when you actually give people the chance to vote on Enbridge’s proposal,” said Kai Nagata, Energy & Democracy Director at Dogwood Initiative. “What would happen if we opened it up to a province-wide vote? That’s a question we’re hoping to answer through our new website,”The rest of British Columbians have not had any chance to vote on Enbridge’s
proposal. allows British Columbians to add their name to a pledge calling for a fair, province-wide vote.
“This project would have serious ramifications for the whole province, so all British Columbians deserve to vote on it,” continued Nagata. “That should extend far beyond just speaking to a panel or writing your local newspaper. Regardless of whether you support this proposal, the decision should be made by British Columbians.”