Deepak Jayakar

Deepak Jaykar
Feng Shui Consultant


According to feng shui science, Chi (energy) emanates from everything in your surroundings, whether it’s the sofa you just bought or the recessed light in the hallway. Your immediate environment reflects your current status. There are invisible but powerful channels of energy running through our home and if these channels are blocked, the energy stagnates at one place resulting in imbalance in your environment. Transform your home with feng shui so that it enriches, nourishes and changes your life. This ancient art of decorating and placement is based on the idea that everything in your outer surroundings affects you. The good news is that you can begin this process by simply changing the color of your pillows or buying a few candles to energize an area of a room.
Computers have gone wireless, messages and pictures are sent across the world through waves. Microwave ovens, CD players, Cell phones, Televisions, Banking through ATM machines are all solid examples of the invisible energy web. It is possible that the Chi (Energy) lines referred to in Feng Shui were simply scientifically undiscovered earlier that can cause well-being or illness, good fortune or misfortune, thus can have an impact on living people. Surely, Chi is no different from the energy that modern scientific discoveries have shown us and that exist around us.
Success Tips for 2014: Receive help from mentors and influential people –
To receive help from those in this position and to advance in your career or life in general, you need to enhance your “Power People” or “Heavenly luck” sector i.e. Northwest corner of your home, living room or office.
Images of international scenes such as The Eiffel Tower, The Tower of London, Statue of Liberty and other scenes are excellent for receiving help from all corners of the world. Likewise, images of metal structures, circular images with golden or metallic colors are all excellent choices. Maps, Globes are beneficial for the NW sector because this is Heaven’s location and the ruling element of this sector is Metal. This is also a wonderful location to have pictures or images of religious figures or angels. Having pictures of Grand people such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Martin Luther King, Gandhi or world leaders are also wonderful choices for enhancing powerful peoples’ help in life. Very powerful and excellent enhancer for this sector is hanging a six rod metal wind chime. In my own case, I have experienced that wind chime in this sector works like magic.
Be sure to surround yourself with pictures of people or places that inspire you. We must have something that lifts us up and makes us want to achieve more and aim higher in our lives. Find a picture that symbolizes that for you.
In the journey of life, we often experience times of doubt, confusion, and feeling lost. What should we do when facing these situations? For example, a husband and a wife are on the verge of splitting up. Should they separate, or stay together? Or, perhaps a businessman is in urgent need of money but there is no help in the sight. Should he remain in business or declare bankruptcy? These are difficult decisions to make. Feng Shui can help by predicting what may happen. It can give guidelines for coping with difficult situations or insight into good ones. I-Ching is a feng shui technique that teaches you to go back to the “center” to establish yourself in harmony with Tao or God, where you can reconcile opposites in your life.
Remember, the infinite intelligence and boundless wisdom that resides in your inner mind is all wise, knows all, and sees all. Feng Shui is buried in each of us, however un-evolved, is something that urges us back to purpose in life.
Now all that remains for me is to wish you, “Happy and Harmonious Easter!”


Deepak R. Jayakar
Feng Shui Master, Columnist and Lecturer.
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