Newton: In the Newton area of Surrey, A father and kids were pepper sprayed. Police say the father, 42, along with his girlfriend and two-year-old son were going to a park in the 7700-block of 125th Street when a dark Range Rover drove by, speeding excessively.

The father is said to have yelled at the car to slow down when the car stopped and they exchanged heated words. Police say the car then left but returned a few minutes later. The father is then said to have approached the vehicle and was subsequently pepper sprayed by one of its occupants.

The carryover from the pepper spray affected the man’s two-year-old son and other children in the area, police say.

Surrey RCMP are now looking for the suspects, who are described as South Asian, possibly in their late teens.

The Range Rover may have after-market rims, and police say they’ve received calls about the vehicle in the past.