The low-level job action began from April 23

jaspreet poonia Miki Gill (3) Ishwinder

Surrey: Job action of BC Teachers Federation (BCTF) has left the parents frustrated both with the teachers and govt. The B.C. Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) said that action will include administrative duties only and there will be no immediate disruption to students. As part of the move, teachers will not supervise students outside of regular classes, attend any meetings with management or provide or receive any written, printed or electronic communication with principals or administrators. Teachers also will not arrive at work early or stay late.

Parents in Surrey reacted and termed it as students loss. Parents feel BC Govt. accountable and responsible for the same.

Jaspreet Poonia, parent of 2 kids, said students should not be suffering whether its fault of BC govt. or BCTF. He added as far as he knows BC teachers are not earning as good as other service sector is earning. He added even in a developing country like India salaries of teachers are far better. He compared retirement pension of Indian teachers with salary of working teachers here in BC and said that her mother is retired teacher in India and she gets better pension than what a teacher earns here.

Ishwinder Singh Natt, another father, told Asian Journal that he is worried about students’ future. Natt wonders why BC govt is not proactively doing something about this issue? Is the govt. waiting for parents to come out on the roads to make sure that their children are getting the education they deserve? He added that whether its truckers’ strike or other trade unions, BC govt. not seems to be willing to resolve the issues until it turns into a big problem.

Ishwinder advised BC Govt. to listen to teachers and not to spoil little kids showing lethargic actions to resolve teachers’ demands. He asked Govt., “what they are waiting for? Do the Govt. waiting for full strike by teachers and loss of students’ education?”

Miki Gill, a Surrey mother of two, said teaching is a noble profession. But, kids should be their priority. On the other hand, BC Govt. should listen to them as teachers are future builders. If teachers are frustrated then it would directly impact on educational quality. Ultimately, sufferers are our kids.