Vancouver: B.C. Teachers’ Federation president Jim Iker has said there is no set schedule on when work-to-rule action would begin after 89% Public school teachers voted in favour of job action.

“There will be no job action tomorrow, there will be no job action next week,” Iker said after the vote results were in last Thursday evening. “It will depend entirely on what is happening at the negotiating table and whether or not the government and the employers’ association are prepared to be fair and reasonable.”

More than 29,000 teachers voted, with 26,000 saying yes to the strike option that can be activated on 72 hours’ notice.

In a statement released after the Strike action vote by BCTF, Peter Fassbender said, “A strike vote does create additional uncertainty for students, parents, support workers and teachers. That’s precisely why we need long term stability in our schools and why we need to pursue a long-term agreement at the bargaining table. “Now that the vote is over, I hope the union can focus on tabling their wage demands so we can get on with meaningful bargaining.”