Doctor Feel Good!

cure for wellnessTake care of yourself. That advice has been handed down for years and years. A good way to lift your spirits is some spa time. A businessman in line for some well-deserved r & r becomes something of a cause célèbre in A Cure for Wellness. Sit back and go with the flow and enjoy the ride in this rare classy and sophisticated thriller from 20th Century Fox now turning heads at Cineplex Cinemas around B.C.

Business is business. A New York Wall Street firm wants to get to the bottom of one of their high end executives who seems to be cut off from all things corporate so to set hangs right one if their ace officials is sent packing, to Switzerland no less to track down their missing CEO. Hot shot yuppy exec Mr. Lambert is good to go and Dean DeHaan takes his mission with attitude to burn. Little does he know that something a bit off may be afoot at the clinic where is boss is supposedly getting better.

High above the Swiss Alps is the coveted spa run by the so prom and proper debonair Dr. Volmer. Witty Brit Jason Isaacs relishes the feel good doctor whose bedside manner may prove a tad unorthodox. Sleuths can uncover all sorts of hidden secrets and Lambert finds out all too well Thad mad scientists have not gone out of fashion as the chills and terror behind closed doors click in. Knock knock, you’re dead!

Full of style and a gnawing away at you unease A Cure for Madness is fresh, original, fun and downright dangerous. DeHaan and Isaacs are terrific and the atmosphere concocted by ace director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) is downright chilling. Though a touch long by 10 minutes at almost 2 1/2 hours A Cure for Wellness will have you thinking twice about going to a spa. Or Switzerland and if you are looking for a legitimate massage drop my colleague who is licensed a note at where all Massages for men, women or couples are reasonably priced.