tom gill
Tom Gill Councillor, City of Surrey

Surrey: Councillor Tom Gill got 1556 more votes than his team leader Linda Hepner. He is choice of 52338 Surrey citizens. Tom maintained his lead on election night even in the areas where Linda trails behind.

Tom Gill twitted after the grand victory, “Thank you Surrey!! With your help, we will continue to make this city fit for the future!!!.”

Tom Gill has been a resident of Surrey for the past 25 years and currently lives with his wife Pav and their three young children in the Fraser Heights neighbourhood.

As the only certified accountant at City Hall, Tom has served on the Surrey City Council since 2005. Since 2005, he has had the privilege of serving as Chairman of the Council’s Finance Committee and spearheading custom recreation opportunities for the community with innovative buildings and new world-class sport fields.

Surrey First’s candidates won all eight city council seats and six school trustee spots