By Ray Hudson

Untitled-2This coming week there will be a new window on the world as Aaarzu, the luxury lifestyle magazine for young Canadians in the cross cultural milieu of the Lower Mainland and beyond, releases its inaugural issue.

“This high quality publication is from the creative mind of Lucky Randhawa, the Publisher, and owner of SW Media Group,” said Kim Trehan, Executive Editor of Aaarzu. “Lucky was talking with his wife over a candle light dinner and commented that they have a great publication with the newspapers, but said there seemed to be a desire in the market for something that would speak to peoples’ desires.

That’s where our name comes from. The word ‘aaarzu’ means desire. Lucky said that his one desire was to have a magazine, and now we can explore what other people’s desires are in a high quality luxury lifestyle publication.”

Trehan said that Aaarzu reaches out to a broad range of Canadians, people who are very multicultural.

“They all come from somewhere else and bring with them various backgrounds. That’s what the magazine is all about; reaching out to those different backgrounds, the different ethnicities, the different cultures and religions and making it all one cohesive avenue for people of all different backgrounds to be able to find whatever they are looking for.

The Executive Editor described Aaarzu as a luxury lifestyle magazine that touches the South Asian market and the broader population as well, saying she believed it was the only magazine right now that is doing that.

Trehan said the first issue is all about holidays and peoples’ desires around the holidays.

“We are also focusing on things like people’s desires for new jewellery and things like that,” she said. “Our cover story is about David Yurman, a renowned sculptor who, with his wife Sybil, a painter, launched the David Yurman brand in 1980. They collaborate to create jewellery that is both a fashion statement and a work of art.”

Trehan said they spoke about about how Yurman established his business, what his desires are in life and what kind of advice he can give to people about achieving their desires.

“When you open up the magazine,” Trehan said, “I really do hope that people will read it and be inspired and motivated to go after their desires. Yurman is a very interesting personality. He has a lot of boutiques across the world and one of his boutiques is actually in Holt Renfrew.”

Trehan said the magazine is aimed at ‘pretty much everybody’ but with an additional focus on the thirty to forty somethings, a lot of the young Canadians whose parents have migrated to Canada and they have grown up with the two cultures.

Aaarzu will be published quarterly and will be available at boutique shops in the Lower Mainland, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, and Bellingham. There will be a list of all the stores carrying our magazine, and if you still can’t find it, you can browse the E-version online at