Surrey: Aam Aadmi Party’s supporters gathered this Sunday afternoon at Bombay Banquet Hall in Surrey to consolidate and mobilize party’s support base for the forthcoming general elections in India. Despite heavy snowing, supporters came in large numbers and the hall was completely filled up. Organizers had to bring in more chairs to accommodate the large influx of participants. Approximately 450 to 500 people were present at the event. Participants were mostly from the large Sikh community residing in the Vancouver area; some members of the Hindu, Muslim and other communities also attended the event. There was also significant number of females present. This signifies the cross-religion and cross-gender appeal of Aam Aadmi Party.


Jarnail Singh, Aam Aadmi party’s candidate from West Delhi, also addressed the gathering through telephone. He appealed to listeners to grasp this opportunity and help clean politics by encouraging their loved ones in India to not just vote for AAP but become its candidates, members, ground workers as well as help fund it. Advocate HS Phoolka, AAP candidate from Ludhiana, was also scheduled to speak but was unable due to technical difficulties.


Gathering was organized by Aam Aadmi Party’s BC Support Group. Lakhbir Chahal, volunteer from the BC Support Group, said that group has been conducting informal meetings for several weeks and this was the first formal gathering. He expressed happiness at the large turnout. Speaking to news reporters, he said `Aam Aadmi party`s secular ideology and struggle against corrupt, communal, dynastic and criminal nature of current Indian politics is something that resonates strongly with the Indian diaspora`. Karam Gill, eldest speaker at the forum, reminded everyone of the sacrifices of Ghadar Party members and told participants to draw inspiration from them. He told them that this path breaking movement is not driven by big money, muscle or media and instead completely relies on common men & women to volunteer their time and funds. Several participants inquired about donating and joining the party and were advised by the volunteers to do so through the Aam Aadmi Party`s website at . As for joining the BC Support group, Chahal said that it’s an open group and all supporters irrespective of their nationality are welcome to join by calling him at 604-773-5681 or

email at