AAP PicSurrey: A meeting of AAM ADMI PARTY (VANCOUVER) was held this Saturday at unit #202 8381 128 street behind Red FM plaza. The main agenda of meeting was to consolidated support in Vancouver area and encourage more people to join the movement. The meeting was chaired by Mr.Lakhbir Singh Chahal who said that in coming weeks regular meetings will be held to increase awareness among people of AAP’s goal of swaraj and corruption free India. He appealed to all NRIs based in Vancouver area to come and join with AAP so that strong message is sent out from Canada in support of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and his party.Others who attended meeting were: Gursminder Dhillon, Karam Dhaliwal, Balvir Dhaliwal, Sukhdev Maan, Tarlochan Sohal, Gurpal Dhillon, Sandeep Choudhary Gurpal, Pali

Few Important things that were discussed are as follows:

• AAP- Vancouver volunteers will meet with other prominent South Asian groups in Vancouver to get their support for Aam Aadmi Party.

•Donations to Aam Aadmi Party can only be made by people who have valid Indian passport. Message to NRIs is that clean politics needs clean money. Aam Aadmi party need small donations from common men & women.

•If any person want to become active volunteer or has any question or suggestions may contact Lakbhbir Chahal at 604-773-5681 or email at pali1981@shaw.ca