Abbotsford: On Tuesday, Abbotsford Police honour the outstanding achievements of the men and women of the Abbotsford Police Department, and of truly remarkable citizens who have contributed to our AbbyPD community. At our awards celebration, we recognize those who have demonstrated extraordinary acts of courage, compassion and work performance, and celebrate many of our long-serving police officers and civilian employees.

Chief Mike Serr states: “I am incredibly proud of the sworn and civilian men and women of the Abbotsford Police Department who are truly dedicated to making Abbotsford the safest city in BC.  Today we acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of not only our own people, but also of those members of our community who, sometimes at great personal risk, have helped a fellow citizen in need.  As Chief of the Abbotsford Police Department, I am fortunate that I get to hear about the amazing work of our staff every day, and I am glad that we have this opportunity to share some of these stories of courage, compassion and innovation with our families and friends.  Abbotsford should find comfort in knowing that this is a community that will get involved and make a difference, and that its police department will always go above and beyond, serving with honour, integrity and courage. There truly is strength in community. To each of you receiving a commendation or other recognition today, congratulations and thank you for your exceptional service. “

AbbyPD staff receiving commendations:

Police Officer of the Year: Constable Ian Parks

Civilian Employee of the Year: Mrs. Stacey MacLeod

Chief Constable’s Commendation: Constable Leisa Shea and Detective Alex Wood

Inspector’s Commendation: Constable Nolan Moore, Constable David Gronmyr, Constable Cory Johansen, Constable Amy Porth, Constable Adam Marchinkow, Constable Mike Willford, Constable Renae Williams and Constable Robert Hryhorczuk

Director’s Commendation: Inspector Casey Vinet, Detective Corrie Haines, Detective Roy McBeth, Constable John Wilcox, Ms. Kelly Pater and Ms. Sheila Doyle

The Abbotsford Police Department wouldn’t be what it is today without the very significant contribution of those people who continually go “above and beyond”. Thank you and congratulations!