surrey first office opening (1) surrey first office opening (1) surrey first office opening (2) surrey first office opening (3) surrey first office opening (5) DSC_7139 DSC_7148 linda hepner fire fighter“Uber or any other shared service is already banned in Surrey”

Surrey: Surrey First has opened its campaign office in Newton. A large crowd of people came to meet Linda Hepner and the Surrey First team. In a statement, Surrey First said that there was fantastic turnout to the Surrey First campaign office opening event. Linda said, “With the opening of our campaign office and our election signs going up, we are now well on our way to election day, Nov 15th” She added, “We have accomplished a lot together but there is still more to do, and Surrey First is the team to get it done”


Surrey Fire Fighters endorse Linda Hepner and Surrey First candidates

Surrey Fire Fighters’ Association (IAFF Local 1271) has endorsed seven of the Surrey First candidates as the right team to lead the city after the November 15 municipal election.

“Our members know every part of our city as fire fighters, residents and community volunteers, and when we look at how our city has changed for the better, it’s clear that Surrey First has made public safety and fire fighter safety a priority,” explained Mike McNamara, President of the Surrey Fire Fighters’ Association.

“The candidates we have endorsed, particularly mayoral candidate Linda Hepner, have the experience, vision and common sense to continue moving Surrey forward as we become British Columbia’s largest city.

Surrey is definitely on the right track and our Surrey First city council has proven that when you put politics aside and focus on what’s best for the city, you can really get things done for the community.”

The Fire Fighters’ endorsement includes Linda Hepner, current Surrey First Councillors, Tom Gill, Bruce Hayne, Mary Martin, Barbara Steele and Judy Villeneuve, and  retired Chief Fire Prevention Officer  Mike Starchuk, who has joined the Surrey First team.

“We’ve known and worked with each of these individuals for years, and we know they will do a great job for our city,” added McNamara.

The Surrey Fire Fighters’ Association was established in 1957 and today, 400 members provide the city with state-of-the-art fire fighting, dispatch, inspection and fire prevention services.

“All of us at Surrey First are honored to have the support and Endorsement of Surrey Fire Fighters. These men and woman do tremendous work in our city,and their help to win this election is genuinely appreciated. While replying to opponent Doug McCallum’s Uber taxi statement Linda said a decade-old taxi bylaw already prevents companies like Uber from setting up business in the City of Surrey. “I’m surprised Mr. McCallum didn’t take the time to check our city’s by-laws about taxis before he released his platform,” said Hepner. “Uber, or any other shared service, is banned in Surrey.”

Commenting on McCallum’s platform pledge for an “aggressive pay down” of the city’s debt, Hepner said he is two years behind in his thinking.

“We already have a plan in place that’s been doing just that for the past two years,” noted Hepner. “Parking fees, revenues from the Surrey City Development Corporation, lease revenue from our old city hall, fees from secondary suites, and our expanded tax base that’s generating revenue from our growth, are all part of our aggressive pay down of Surrey’s debt. The fact is, Surrey has one of the best balance sheets in the region, and that’s no accident. Our city has the lowest property taxes and the lowest per capita spending in the region, because our Surrey First council has always put taxpayers first.”

Bear Creek parking issue

Linda Hepner has spoken on the issue of parking space between Bear Creek Gurudwara Sahib and Lakshmi Narayan Mandir. She said that the parking space is just intolerable. In a quote to a TV channel she said, “I said (to Mandir and Gurudwara) let me see what is the existing lot and see what kind of improvements we can make within the frame work of the land they have.”

Lakshmi Narayan Mandir Vice President Vinay Sharma speaking on the issue of the extension of the parking capacity between the Mandir and Gurdwara Sahib Brookside said that Surrey Mayoral candidate Linda Hepner has assured the Mandir that she will raise the safety issue with council members and try to resolve it before Diwali.