Photo: Montreal Gazette
Photo: Montreal Gazette
Photo: Montreal Gazette

Montreal: A well-known left-wing activist who was arrested at a Quebec City demonstration and then released has been rearrested.

Quebec City police say in a news release an arrest warrant was issued for Jaggi Singh following an investigation into the Aug. 20 protest.

Singh, 46, was arrested in Montreal on Tuesday and is expected to be arraigned in municipal court in Quebec City on Wednesday to face charges of obstruction and impersonation.

Quebec City police say two distinct groups took part in demonstrations and that a third group was involved in another protest, which was declared illegal and broken up by the anti-riot squad.

Police specify that criminal acts took place during that protest and add there could be more arrests.

Several hundred people had gathered to oppose a demonstration planned by La Meute, a far right group.

The counter-protest was organized by anti-fascist and pro-refugee groups after at least two Quebecers were identified participating in a white supremacist rally earlier this month in Charlottesville, Va.

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