Surrey: Surrey-Panorama NDP candidate and former educator Jinny Sims says that after 16 years of overcrowded classrooms and declining learning conditions, the BC Liberals can’t be trusted when they promise to change just before an election.

“For the better part of two decades, Christy Clark has increased class sizes and ignored Surrey’s rapidly growing population,” says Sims. “And now just before an election, she promises to change. How can Surrey parents possibly believe her now?”

Sims points out that Clark’s record is one of illegally violating limits on class size and putting tax breaks for the rich ahead of new schools for Surrey kids.

“As Education Minister in the early 2000s and now as Premier, Christy Clark has consistently put herself and her rich friends ahead of Surrey students,” says Sims. “Instead of building new schools and hiring more teachers, she has been giving billion dollar tax breaks to her millionaire friends.”

Sims believes that a change of government is needed to improve conditions for Surrey students.

“As Premier, John Horgan will work for regular British Columbians, and that starts with investing in education and ensuring our kids get the opportunities they deserve.”