Black Tie Black Lie!

Past secrets can come back to haunt you. So can previous liaisons not to mention various indiscretions. Attempts to hold out on a loved one can be problematic. See sparks fly through the years in After The Wedding. Convincing performances abound In This nifty drawn out drama from Sony Pictures Classics and Mongrel Media now in view at The International Village Cinemas.
Few can fault philanthropic initiatives. An American in India comes on strong as a protector of disadvantaged third world kids. Michelle Williams strikes the right chord as humanitarian Isabelle. Good luck comes her (and the kids’) way when a wealthy New York benefactor shows more than a passing interest in the school for those poverty stricken children.
Money to burn seems to be at the ready for Theresa. Julianne Moore effectively takes on the role of a rich benefactor willing and ready to support Isabelle’s cause. Timing is everything when making big choices let alone multi million dollar donations. So when Isabelle goes to New York with Cup in hand a small matter of a Wedding gets in the way.
So family matters come into play in a decisive way as things unravel rather Furiously in this engaging escapade. Interesting throughout After The Wedding is different and well acted. Many happy returns.