Richmond: On April 6, 2014 between 1:30 am and 2:30 am Deas Island Freeway Patrol RCMP arrested a motorist, who was driving in an aggressive manner, with the assistance of  RCMP AIR ONE helicopter.

The motorist was observed driving a White 2012 Mercedes C 63 North bound on Hwy 91 over the Alex Fraser Bridge, monitored by AIR ONE at speeds of 180 km/hr. The motorist continued into Richmond at these high rates of speed; where the motorist then turned around and headed back east on highway 91. AIR ONE monitored the vehicle travelling between 150-160km/hr east bound Hwy 91 towards the Alex Fraser Bridge.

“People have to realize that it is simply not acceptable to drive at those unsafe speeds any time of the day,” said Cpl Mc Donald “E” Division Traffic Services. “Excessive speeding dramatically reduces reaction times putting both the driver and others on the road at risk.”

The motorist was apprehended eastbound on highway 91 prior to going back over the Alex Fraser Bridge. The motorist was arrested without incident and he was in breach of numerous conditions for a Conditional Sentence Order; and he is being held in custody to appear in court on April 7, 2014 on these new charges.

“Driving a vehicle is one of the most complex actions that we can do on a daily basis. Variable factors such as weather, road conditions, wild life and other motorists can change driving conditions quickly. By driving at safe speeds, and practicing safe driving habits we can help ensure that everyone arrives at their destination safely,” says Cpl Mc Donald.

Deas Island Freeway Patrol RCMP would like to request the motoring public’s assistance in that if any witnesses to this incident please call Deas Island RCMP office at 604-946-2184 attention