Calgary:  Alberta’s premier says the province will accept more Syrian refugees as part of the incoming federal government’s plan to bring in 25,000 by the end of the year.

Prime-minister-designate Justin Trudeau made the promise earlier this month during the election campaign.

Premier Rachel Notley says Alberta will join with other provinces , including Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia,  who have committed to opening their doors.

Notley says discussions are underway in her government, but it would be premature to give a figure on how many refugees Alberta could take.

She says she still needs to talk to the appropriate provincial cabinet ministers who would see their budgets affected.

Alberta has already pledged up to $250,000 to support Syrian refugee relief efforts.

“Our position has been that Canada should have been taking more all along and so we will likely certainly be welcoming more,” Notley said at a news conference in Calgary on Friday. “But I’m going to wait until I’ve had a chance to consult with appropriate officials before I start coming out with numbers.

“We’re very aware that’s something that the federal government is looking at moving on, and that they’ve asked all provinces to ask how many they can take, and we’re in the process of deliberating on how many we can take.”