Premier Rachel Notley A file photo.

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Premier Rachel Notley. A file photo.
Premier Rachel Notley
A file photo

EDMONTON: One week before her government is to introduce its budget, Premier Rachel Notley is to deliver a 15-minute talk on TV about the economic challenges facing Alberta families.

Notley’s pre-recorded address is to be broadcast Thursday at 6:45 p.m. on CTV and Global stations.

The premier delivers the chat while sitting at the kitchen table in her home.

Notley says she will outline her government’s plan to create jobs and help families through the economic shock created by low oil prices.

The total cost for production and air time for the televised address is pegged at $90,000.

Notley’s staff say she decided to do the TV talk after hearing concerns about the economic downturn from people around the province.

“There is no doubt the oil price collapse is causing serious economic pain and it’s a scary time for many families,” Notley said Wednesday in a release.

“I want to talk directly to Albertans about what we’re up against and walk them through our plan to get Alberta through this.”

Her staff said Notley will not release specific budget numbers but will use graphics to show how slumping oil prices are affecting the province.

The government says Opposition Leader Brian Jean is being offered the opportunity to reply to Notley’s address at a later date.

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