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EDMONTON: Two government watchdogs say they will investigate an anonymous whistleblower’s allegations that documents have been improperly shredded as Alberta prepares to change governments.

Jill Clayton, information and privacy commissioner, and public interest commissioner Peter Hourihan say their review will focus on the Environment Ministry, but could be expanded to other departments if necessary

“The individual there alleges that there’s been improper handling and destruction of files at Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development,” Hourihan said at a news conference Wednesday.

“Our role in the investigation will be to determine whether a wrongdoing was committed by an employee or employees.”

Hourihan said that if wrongdoing is found and constitutes an offence, “it will be reported to the proper authorities.”

Clayton issued a warning last week after photos appeared of bags of shredded documents being hauled away from the legislature.

Opposition parties have been demanding action to preserve records.

The NDP and leader Rachel Notley are preparing to assume control of the government after almost 44 uninterrupted years of Progressive Conservative rule.

The Tories were reduced to third-party status in the legislature in last week’s election following a string of scandals.


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