Soul Sister!

Gospel has long had a following among contemporary artists. Even Elvis took a liking to this unique music tradition as did members of The Beatles. So, it’s no surprise that the Queen of Soul got her start listening to the good words of God in her father’s Church. Prepare to have your breath taken away in Amazing Grace, most likely being shown at the International Village Cinemas.

Music is the focal point as Elevation Pictures unleashes a fitting tribute to Aretha Franklin. Originally supposed to air as a television special Warner Brothers had the foresight to hire a then young up and coming Director Sydney Pollack to record a unique recording session. Lucky guests fortunate enough to attend the two-day recording session at an L. A. Church back in 1971 Bore witness to a one of a kind performers in all her glory. So, will you.

With an ace back-up choir from Los Angeles you too will get caught up in the thrill of hearing this lady from an on so humble upbringing belt out unforgettable tunes. Upbeat and full of joy the music in Amazing Grace is truly amazing. You can even see the sweat pour off a beautiful face in close-ups as she fully immerses in these religious songs to a delightful audience. Energy just abounds in the simple church setting as people feel the beat.

Almost two hours flies by in a very different concert presentation that thrives without all the glitter and glitz rock and music fans are so accustomed to today. It’s the music silly and when it comes to its presentation, realization and presentation there is simply no equal to Ms. Aretha Franklin and Amazing Grace proves this loud and clear.