By Gary Gallant

Tikal-Plaza-And-North-AcropolisGuatemala wants archeology enthusiasts to experience some of that country’s literal high-lights. Guatemala bills itself as the Heart of the Mayan world and has very noticeable Indian influences, having the largest collection of Maya civilization sites of any nation, with the country’s Institute of Anthropology and History having identified more than 2,257 sites, most of which remain unexcavated.
The best showcase for the Maya legacy is in the northern Guatemala site of Tikal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site found in a 222-square-mile national park and home to a huge number of structures dating back more than 1,000 years, including five towering temples. If you get permission from park officials, you can enter the park early and watch a dramatic sunrise over the site from a high vantage point. The reserve surrounding Tikal contains the largest area of tropical rain forest in Central America, with a vast range of virgin terrain. A similar experience is offered at the El Mirador archeological site, also in northern Guatemala.
This year also saw the launch of Maya Trek, a three day trek in northern Guatemala’s
Peten region, home to relatively few people and heavy jungle. The tour is led by local community leaders, and takes trekkers on a journey in the Maya Biosphere Reserve to ancient Mayan ruins.
Guatemala is reminding tourists that its landscapes include the likes of jungle and volcanoes, the type of natural attributes that have helped lure many to Costa Rica, often used as a benchmark for ecotourism.
Guatemala, however, has kept its off-the-beaten path charm, attracting those looking for solitude and serenity. It’s still very much an authentic experience. The indigenous villages are also alive with Mayan tradition, which adds a surreal aspect to our landscapes.
Discovering and appreciating indigenous cultures around the world has become one of the most popular tourism adventures. It certainly makes the experience unique and memorable.
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