Garry Begg

BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson should not be able to choose which money laundering cabinet documents are released to the Cullen Inquiry or government officials.

Speaking on the Lynda Steele Show yesterday, Wilkinson bowed to pressure on disclosure, but insisted that he will review the documents and determine which evidence is “appropriate” to turn over.

Wilkinson’s comments came one day after Global News reported that BC Liberals ignored RCMP warnings about serious criminal activity in B.C. casinos.

Sam Cooper, the reporter who broke the Global News story, opposes any approach that allows the BC Liberals to hold back potentially damning information. He told CKNW:

“But it’s the records, those secretive records. I know they exist. I’ve seen a few of them. Will those come out of the BC Liberal cabinet? It’s hard to believe that when they find something damning, they’re just going to let it go. I think it will take a lot more elbow grease and pulling from the inquiry to see if those kinds of records can come out.”

Surrey-Guildford MLA Garry Begg:

“After Andrew Wilkinson spent nearly two years refusing to cooperate with our government’s anti-money laundering efforts, it’s unconscionable and deplorable that he’s now trying to decide which documents to provide and which to withhold. British Columbians deserve straight answers from Andrew Wilkinson. Instead of turning over all of the evidence, he’s protecting his political interests and making people pay the price.”