Mumbai: Veteran actor Anupam Kher, who turned 63 on Wednesday, spent his birthday shooting in New York for an American series. He counted his blessings in a personalised message to his fans.

In a video message posted on Twitter, Anupam narrated a short story about his life.

He said: “A few years back, in fact many years back, on March 7, Pushkar Nath and Dulari had their first child in a small hill station called Shimla. They nicknamed their son Bittu. Bittu worked hard and over a period of time, Bittu became Anupam Kher.

“Today I am in New York on my birthday, shooting for an American series, my 513th project. God has been kind to Bittu. So today I want to thank you all for your blessings.”

Several of his industry friends also took to social media to wish Anupam on his special day.

My journey has been a roller coaster ride: ‘Dil Juunglee’ actor

Santosh Barmola, who features in a role opposite Taapsee Pannu in “Dil Juunglee”, says his life has been quite a ride.

Santosh, who is London-based, features in the recently released song “Bandeya” from the film.

“‘From London to Bollywood, I must say that, this journey has been a roller coaster ride. I hope that my work is liked by the audiences,” Santosh said in a statement.

On casting Santosh, “Dil Juunglee” director Aleya Sen said: “‘Santosh’s character creates an interesting dimension in the film. He plays a London based business tycoon suave, smooth, shrewd yet charming. Santosh has very aptly struck the balance.”

The film will release on Friday.

‘Chidiakhana’ is the story of every underdog: Director

Director Manish Tiwary says his latest venture “Chidiakhana” says the movie reflects the plight of underdogs the world over.

His film is the story of an underdog named Sooraj, a teenager from the hinterlands of Bihar who comes to Mumbai with his mother and finds himself caught in the throes of the Marathi-Bihari conflict that threatens to take him away from his only passion – football, a game, that he worships, reveres and lives day in and day out.

“When you follow your dreams with passion and work hard, you find help from the most unexpected quarters. But will the boy be able to scale the wall that stands between him and his dreams in the zoo of this world that seems to bring with it unique creatures with minds of their own, forms the base of my film,” Tiwary said in a statement.

Tiwary, who is working on the post-production of the film, added: “The hero might be a young teenager fighting against all odds, but in him lies the story of each one of us, our strife and our will that will bend things our way. I would like ‘Chidiakhana’ to inspire each viewer to achieve his dreams, irrespective of their circumstances.”

The director’s past films include “Issaq” and “Dil Dosti Etc”.