Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken

There are many factors that go into making a website and if done poorly could easily create an “ugly” website.  Unfortunately, an ugly website will cost your business lost sales because prospects will ignore you and move on. You simply cannot afford an “ugly” website.

With a particular focus on eCommerce, here are 7 key elements of website design that address the “ugly” factor;

 A variety of clean photos – Always take photos under professional lighting to really get the best images of your products. When customers are browsing, it’s normal for them to want to see as much detail as possible, so try to include as many photos, from as many angles your prospects might want.

Clear descriptions – The last thing you want to do is to confuse your customers. That’s why it’s important to include all of your products’ technical information and dimensions before creating simple and straightforward product descriptions.

Establish policies – Returns and refunds are an inevitable part of online shopping. In fact, a large percentage of online shoppers make purchase decisions based solely on how streamlined the returns policy is. Make sure to establish clear policies for returning and refunding items, that are easy to find for customers.

About page – Customers unfamiliar with your brand need a story they can relate to on your website. In your About Us page, include information on who you are and what you do that sets you apart from the competition. Whatever you write, make it accessible from any page on your site.

E-commerce websitesNavigation – Fix broken links, make navigation straightforward, and remove outdated pages. You can’t sell 404 pages to customers, and if your site doesn’t make it easy to find what they’re looking for, game over.

Design – Not everyone is a web design expert, luckily you can always hire one. If your budget is tight, there are DIY site builders specifically geared toward small businesses. Or with a relatively low monthly expenditure, you can hire a managed website provider.

Take Away …

Keep in mind that eCommerce websites typically take longer to create than regular websites. That’s because finding the right plugins and fine-tuning other components, such as the blog page, can take a lot of time. As a fundamental rule, only when you’re certain that everything’s in place and working correctly should you go live with your eCommerce site. Check and double-check everything; the last thing you want is a messy website riddled with errors.

With more revenue originating online, small and midsized business owners can’t afford to overlook the importance of creating a fully functional eCommerce website. If you’re not sure about how to proceed with your eCommerce website, call us today and discover how to keep the “ugly” out.

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