British Columbians will decide who forms the new government on Tuesday, May 14: the Liberals under Christy Clark again – or the NDP under Adrian Dix. Photos by Chandra Bodalia) 


SHAMELESSNESS has been a hallmark of the B.C. Liberals for the past 12 years with deceit, lies and broken promises such as the tearing up of contracts and the introduction of the hated HST.
Indeed, Premier Christy Clark has proved to be as shameless and dirty as that hated former premier Gordon Campbell.
That was so evident just last week when she placed that deceitful ad on the front page of 24 Hours newspaper to try and fool British Columbians into believing that she had won the TV leaders’ debate – when that same poll showed that it was Dix who won!
Can you trust such a person?
Can you trust her wild claims about the future of LNG?
Even B.C. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO John Winter warned this week: “It’s great to see support for developing LNG in B.C., but the BC Chamber cautions voters that THAT’S A LONG-RANGE PLAN.” [Italics mine for emphasis.
When even the Liberals’ rich friends are scared of Clark’s false propaganda about LNG, what does that tell you?


Adrian Dix


LIBERALS have even shamelessly used visible minority members to launch dirty attacks against fellow visible minority members.
Kenneth Fung, Chair of the Premier’s Chinese Community Advisory Council (which has been dissolved for the election period), used a fake name – “Mike” – to phone CKNW radio on April 21 to make fun of the English skills of NDP Chinese-Canadian candidate Frank Huang, a journalist.
But he got caught.
On Monday, Fung sent an email to media stating that Huang had been a member of the Communist Party of China when he was in that country.
Well, because Huang worked with a provincial government in China he had to be a party member. And it is disgraceful that Fung should say that Huang may be a security risk when he himself had asked Huang to run as a Liberal candidate in Vancouver-Fraserview on February 15. Later that day the NDP asked Huang to run as their candidate in the Richmond Centre riding and he decided to accept that, Huang told 24 Hours newspaper.
What is more, Huang says that Fung told him that one of the reasons he wanted him to be a Liberal candidate was that he spoke English well!
Incidentally, Fung himself speaks English with a Chinese accent. And I know of so many white Canadians who have been born and brought up in Canada but who can’t speak correct or proper English and have such a limited vocabulary. So what’s the big deal as long as people keep on trying to improve their English skills?
Huang told the media that he wanted to know what Clark has to say about these attacks.


BUT don’t expect Clark to say anything: she has been a total opportunist.
We all know how Abbotsford Councillor Moe Gill was treated by Clark’s right-hand men Energy Minister Rich Coleman and campaign bosses Mike McDonald and Bruce Burley unceremoniously dumped him last November and told him that the party was going to acclaim University of the Fraser Valley criminologist Darryl Plecas (whose niece is married to Coleman’s son) as their candidate in Abbotsford South.
But what caused even greater resentment was the revelation the following week that Burley was kicked out of the New Westminster Police Department for a racist attack on a black man!
Burley was exposed by Alex G. Tsakumis (who runs the popular website as being a former New Westminster police officer who in 1991 was convicted of falsely arresting and unlawfully confining Donald Richards, a black landed immigrant from Jamaica, and was found guilty of discreditable conduct and abuse of authority by a police department internal investigation, according to the Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers’ 1991 reports.
But in spite of all these revelations and my repeated emails to the Liberal Party for a comment, Christy kept her hypocritical mouth tightly shut.
These are the same Liberals who planned to insult South Asians and Chinese-Canadians with their infamous planned apologies for the Komagata Maru incident and the Chinese head tax.
The Multicultural Strategic Outreach Plan apparently directed by Premier Christy Clark’s deputy chief of staff Kim Haakstad in January 2012 planned “quick wins” such as the above-mentioned apologies.
Pretty amusing was the suggestion to “develop a stable of supporters willing to write letters to the editor or call in to open-line shows in non-English media.”
Well, guess what?
That is EXACTLY what Fung did – and he got caught!
And now we are informed that Haakstad, who resigned because of the “quick wins” scandal, has been working on Clark’s election campaign.
What does that tell you about Clark’s hypocrisy?