mix01Surrey: This year, 2014, is definitely not the same for both Hanyang Arts and Culture Center and Surrey Fusion Festival. As a continuing participant of this amazing festival, Hanyang has designed a dance specifically targeting the true meaning of “fusion”. By inviting Bollywood Hungama Dance Academy and Artistic Edge Dance Academy into this dance. “We are making true fusion possible for the very first time,” says Amanda, program coordinator.

In this unique performance, the three groups of dancers of ages 10 to 50 and of styles that are never thought to be compatible are going to stand together and present an integrated fusion that will surely surprise and enthrall everyone.

Chinese, Indian and western culture will be combined into this dance called Harmonia and will make its debut in Surrey Fusion Festival of 2014 during Hanyang Arts and Culture Center’s performing time, 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm at Chevron stage on July 19th. Step out and support the young performers in their effort to truly represent what our country stands for – multiculturalism.