LAST March, Asian Journal had warned about crime being pushed south to Newton and other areas from Whalley.

Yet Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts and Surrey RCMP seemed to have been sleeping at the wheel!


This is what we wrote back then:


SOME citizens are worried that the Surrey RCMP’s crime strategy in Whalley, where the new fancy City offices are to be located and where the interests of big money developers are being allegedly facilitated, is pushing crime south to Newton, Guildford and Cloverdale.

Figures gleaned from the RCMP website itself by a concerned citizen who forwarded them to Asian Journal show that in Guildford, Newton and Cloverdale the sexual assault numbers are up 34%, 49% and 59% respectively comparing 2012 to 2011. In the fourth quarter alone, the incidence of sexual assault in Newton jumped 109% – it more than doubled!

The stats for South Surrey for the fourth quarter: Property Crime up 30%, Business B and E up 29%, Residential B and E up 30%, Theft motor vehicle up 43%, theft from vehicle up 40%.