Vancouver:Asian Journal and Source West Media Group wishes you all a very Happy Vaisakhi.
christy clark vaisakhi wishesBC Premier Christy Clark also wished Happy Vaisakhi to all who are celebrating the festival.
Christy Clark said, “More than 300 years after Guru Gobind Singh established the Khalsa, the central values of the Sikh faith – equality, justice, compassion, and service to community – continue to resonate.”
“Those values, and the many contributions of Sikh British Columbians to our communities, have helped to make our province a better, richer place,” she added.
“For many, Vaisakhi marks the beginning of a new year. It’s a time for families, friends, and neighbours to celebrate together – and we can be proud that B.C. is home to some of the largest celebrations in North America.
“Lakh Lakh Vadhai!”