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THE Association of South Asian Professionals of British Columbia (ASAP), working with Friendship Providers in Action, held another Hotdog Day for the Homeless event on Saturday, November 23 at Oppenheimer Park in East Vancouver.  It was a cool but sunny day as the line formed down the block awaiting the food distribution to begin. About 15 ASAP members served up hotdogs and coffee to the less fortunate.

By raising awareness, ASAP hopes others will join in to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the approximately 2,300 homeless people in Vancouver.  This was the sixth time ASAP organized such an event, now having served over 6,000 hotdogs, treats, and coffee to the homeless.

“It is clear when you spend time in the Downtown Eastside that the issue of homelessness is closely connected with the lack of adequate care for those suffering from mental illness. Until this underlying illness is treated, we will continue to have a very serious homelessness problem in British Columbia. There are several reports suggesting that the number of people that will be homeless could triple in the Lower Mainland in the next few years.  This needs to be addressed now before it gets any worse and we encourage everyone to contact their political representatives to raise this issue.  ASAP and its members are doing their part by getting involved, giving back to the community and raising awareness  We encourage and challenge others to join us to help resolve the plight of the mentally ill and the homeless,” said Jindy Bhalla, President of ASAP.

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(Photos by Chandra Bodalia)