Abbotsford: Police say at least two officers were injured and a suspect is in custody in Abbotsford, following an incident that took place around noon today.

Police say there are no outstanding public safety concerns, but the area around Mt. Lehman Road near the Fraser Highway will be an investigative scene for some time.

An employee of a nearby business says at about 12 p.m. he heard two gunshots before hearing sirens approaching the area.

Police did not immediately provide any further details and could not be reached for comment, but they have scheduled a news conference.

The witness says police are investigating on the road between a Shell gas station and a McDonald’s.

Employees who answered the phones at the gas station and the fast-food restaurant said they have been told not to speak to the media.

The Independent Investigations Office, which investigates police related incidents of death or serious harm, says it has sent investigators to the scene.

The Canadian Press