Kamilla Singh
Kamilla Singh

Vancouver: Athene’s Restaurant is located on West Broadway. This restaurant’s stunning dining room with its contemporary yet romantic design is a reminder of a Mediterranean wine cellar and is a must to see. You can say it’s less of a fast food vibe and more of a comfortable relaxing restaurant setting.  Service is fast and friendly.
This place is amazing!! Everything was so fresh and spiced to perfection.  You get a lot of food for your money, excellent presentation, and the quality of food is at least as good as the presentation.  Whether you’re a hardcore meat eater or a vegetarian you will find dishes you love at this restaurant. As soon as you walk in the door you are treated like royalty and the waiters are the very professional and highly experienced. They treat you with the highest respect and their service is legitimate.  They don’t just treat you well because they want a large tip from you, they actually treat you well because they want you to come back and they recognize the important impression that it leaves on every single customer that dines at Athene’s.
chicken rice Athene’s cuisine features Greek Tavern specialties. The chef prepares savory appetizers (mezedes: include baked or flamed “Saganaki (goat cheese or the famed.). They have a wide selection of spectacularly fresh seafood. There are lots to order from their huge menu, plus a huge range of vegetarian dishes as well.  The server suggested us to try Athnene’s signature baked lamb, meltingly beautiful on a big white plate, but we were on a food quest so we ordered the marinated chicken souvlaki served with spectacular seasonal vegetables.  He was probably right, about the lamb souvlaki chunks, maybe next time will try that.
greek_cApart from being authentic in Greek cuisine they also have a huge selection of pizzas, actually 18 different varieties of pizzas, from small, medium to large. If you are creative and want to create your own pizza, then go for it!
“Our signature dish is lamb, but apart from lamb we also have many other items which have been on our menus and our customers don’t want to see them disappear. We have been on this same location for past 4o years.” says Konstantinos Pnevmatikos, the owner of Athene.
XVbb5lnqvx7m0L“We have regular customers who have been coming here since we started and to this day they still come and order the same thing that they have almost 30 years, so its difficult for us to bring new items when whatever is on the menu is just great” he said.
Located at 3618 West Broadway, the restaurant is open seven days a week from 11:30am to 10:00pm. Give them a call at 604-731-4135 or you can visit them at food.Vancouver.com
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