Lethal Lady!

atomic blondeAssassins come in all shapes and sizes. Not content with just owning the Jason Bourne movies Universal Studios unleashes a new brand of exciting espionage escapades with their new Atomic Blonde entry. Hide and seek never felt so good at Cineplex Cinemas around B.C.

Box office behemoth Charlize Theron hits the mark as secret agent Lorraine Broughton. Consider this lethal lovely to be a nice counter to James Bond as MI 6 sends her to heady Berlin just when that infamous wall seems ready to come a tumbling down. On a mission to avenge and investigate the disappearance and death of a colleague (shades of Dr. No) our spy who went back to the cold winds up in all sorts of bad circumstances as it seems that all the Iron Curtain security services are out to get her. Part of the mission involves recovering some clandestine information so Ms. Broughton must do all sorts of dastardly doings in hopes of saving the day.

Back up is important on any such mission. While the real agent 007 Sean Connery had the likes of Bernard Lee (M), Q (Desmond Lewellyn) and Ms. Moneypenny (Canadian Lois Maxwell) having his back Broughton must rely back home on Toby Jones and John Goodman as mission controllers with field agent David Percival providing on the ground Intel.  What a departure it is to see reliable James McCavoy rise to new heights as the off the cuff rough around the edges MI6 connection.

High on a heady atmosphere that perfectly captures the euphoria and hysteria of seeing Communism lapse in Eastern Europe Atomic Blonde does a wonderful job showing the murky world of spy versus spy mayhem. Breathtakingly beautifully choreographed fight and chase scenes that even Jason Bourne would admire Atomic Blonde is brash, bold and bodacious fun with Charlize Theron giving a kick ass take no prisoners performance that action fans will relish. Add on a surprise ending and you’ll be in spy heaven until the real 007 returns to saving the world in 2019. Atomic Blonde is a suitable warm-up to whet your appetite and could well become a parallel tandem series to either Bourne or Bond.