GurjyoteBy Gurjyote Sethi


2 kl eggplant or aubergine
1k mushroom in brunoise
12 cloves garlic in brunoise
1 chopped bunch parsley
500 goat cheese
White Sauce
10 shallots in brunoise
150g butter
100ml white wine
1lt cream
1 bunch tarragon chopped








Aubergine Ravioli


• For the eggplant ravioli, cut the eggplant into long thin slices, squares of all the same, 7cm wide by 15 long. sautée on plate and set aside.
• For the filling, sauté mushrooms and garlic for 10 minutes, we get to a bowl and add the chopped parsley and goat cheese, mix well and correct for salt and pepper. Reserve.
• To make the ravioli crossed a slice of eggplant on another to form a cross in the center of the two sliced, fill it with the above, and we closed the ravioli in the direction of clockwise. When we all does the reserve.
• For the sauce put to soften the shallots in oil for 10 minutes, add white wine and let reduce almost completely, then appends the cream and let reduce until sauce has texture, add the butter appends to end, correct salt, pepper and nutmeg.

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