Victoria: The B.C. Liberals are recklessly cutting more than $4 million from critically important police services including major crimes investigators and an anti-gang unit said BC NDP.

“These reckless B.C. Liberal cuts will hinder law enforcement in their efforts to crack down on motorcycle gangs and other criminal gangs and leave more murders and missing persons cases unsolved,” said New Democrat public safety spokesperson Mike Farnworth. “The Liberal government claims to be concerned about gang violence and missing persons, but the truth is they are trying to walk away from both issues by removing funding.”

He added that the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit’s (CFSEU) budget is being slashed by $2.8 million, while major crimes investigation, which handles murders and missing persons’ cases is being slashed by $1.4 million.

“The B.C. Liberals say tackling gang violence is a priority – then they eliminate the unit investigating motorcycle gangs,” said Farnworth.

“The B.C. Liberals say they want violence free B.C. – then they fire the police officers that solve major crimes,” He added.