Photo Source: Twitter
Photo Source: Twitter

Richmond: “They still are a long ways apart. I’ve asked them to return with their bargaining committees and present me with some proposals that will hopefully lead to some serious negotiations and the continuation of negotiations,” Vince Ready told reporters after meeting with both sides for four hours on Aug 28 night.

He said, “It was a very candid exchange about the differences in their positions.”

After the two sides failed to make any progress over the summer, Ready agreed to meet with teachers’ union president Jim Iker and the government’s chief negotiator Peter Cameron on Thursday, raising hope the imminent start of the new school year could somehow be salvaged.

It’s still unclear if either side is prepared to move enough to justify further talks, but Ready says he’ll spend another day trying to figure that out.

At the meeting, Fassbender proposed both sides put on hold the specific issues that are currently the subject of an ongoing court battle. He also proposed if mediated talks can begin on the remaining issues, that the strike and lockout be suspended for two weeks to reopen schools for the start of school.

Both parties and mediator Vince Ready had agreed for another meeting on Friday Aug 29.