(PG) ***

Terror Tots!

Get set for some far out fun as a pair of teens prepare to take on the world – gangster style – in the hit Baby Assassins. From Japan with love comes this bold enticing drama that filmmakers like Robert Rodriguez would be sure to champion. If flambouyant fun of a dangerous variety tickles your fantasy be sure to order this new DVD or Blu-Ray when it comes out this week or dial it up from your local cable company or internet provider all courtesy of Well Go USA Entertainment.
Never say die must be the motto or star-crossed friends and potential would-be lovers Mahiro and Chisato. Born to kill and trained in the art of murder most foul are baby-faced Saori Izawa and Askari Takaishi . Orders arrive from a go -between who tries to run a professional Assassination bureau. And these youthful killers have a yen for meting out their own brand of justice.
Audiences who enjoy the flavor of the Kill Bill series should find Baby Assassins appealing. Shot in an over the top way the fights are gloriously staged and the idea of taking things to excess works well here to a tee.