By Kamilla Singh

Kamilla SIngh
Kamilla SIngh

What exactly Baci means in Italian, it means kisses, and a lot of them. Do you know that Italian men are said to be very cute adorable and romantic, if you didn’t before, you know it now. Italians are very particular about three things, women, food and wine. It’s a given fact that Italian consumes the most wines per capita than anywhere else in the Globe. They drink their wine like water. With their wines must also come with food and not any food but Italian cuisine, pastas are the favorite meal, wherever they have settled, its given that their favorite food will follow with them an elegant it is as impeccably tailored to their texture and taste.

What prompted me this notion that I should check this place out, as my friends have dined there before. I have eaten in lots of restaurants which serve Italian cuisine before, but this place is something else, one must go and check it out. The décor, the layout the bar area, huge indoor plants, and believe me you can’t even tell who are the workers and who is the manager in this place, they all running around serving the customers and there is definitely no

“We do have a huge selection of antipasto, Insalato and Zuppe dishes, these are actually our appetizer, but we do have over 17 different Pasta dishes on our menu” he said.
“All our pastas and antipasto dishes are freshly made every day and we get all our supplies from our local supplier and our clients can tell it is fresh or not, our regular customers know for fact that they can eat whatever in here and it will be good food, we also do a lot of special events banquets in here” he said.

Baci-New-Picture-2014-027_sbaki band bakiPastas are not the only thing on their menu, if you are not a pasta lover; you can have a wide selection of Western dishes as well as seafood etc, and don’t forget they always make food available for vegetarians. On this particular Sunday when I walked in with my friend, the place was jammed packed. We briefly spoke to the owner Marino. He said, “We have been on this location for past 15 years and everything on our menu is full of flavor and taste, dishes that we serve here are very sophisticated, and fresh, we like to give our customers a real taste of Italy.

I must say that Marino is doing an
extraordinary job of keep the superb Italian cuisine alive, it’s actually the owner who live up to all the hype. They also have the finest wine selection and what wines will match the food you are ordering; this is a very upscale eatery.
Open for lunch from Tuesday to Friday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday they are open from 5pm until 12 midnight, Friday and Saturday they stay open until 1:00 am. They also have live entertainment from Thursday to Sunday.
Fully licensed, parking at the rear, and you can also park on the street after 6pm. Address is 3728 East Hastings Street, corner of Boundary Road and Hastings Street in Burnaby. Seating up to 120 people, excellent place to book Christmas party or any other special event or get together Give Marino a call at 604-299-7047
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy Hanukkah to all of you from our Management team of Asian Journal.

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